Flowers everywhere

My neighborhood and the nearby river park area where I run exploded with flowers and color.


I’d recently read about the Brenizer Method or Bokeh Panorama. At first, I thought there was no way I’d ever bother with doing something so intensive (I’m really a lazy photographer when it comes down to it), but when I was out taking photos last week, which was when these were shot, I started to see images in my head a certain way, shrugged my shoulders and thought – why not. Of course the photos sat on my computer for over a week because the thought of stitching them together haunted me like homework in grade school – DO NOT WANT TO DO IT. However, after reviewing some videos I found on youtube about using the photomerge option in my old version of Photoshop I tried it out and…. it’s not that bad. I found it easy and rather enjoyable. I took enough photos for four panoramas, but only one really came out all that well, which is what I’m putting here.

It’s nothing fantastic compared to LOTS of others who have used this method, but I had to say to myself, “That’ll do, Jen” when I saw it. It’s best viewed large. If there’s any interest in the others, they are on my flickr.


2 thoughts on “Flowers everywhere

    1. Thanks. It’s been nice seeing so much blooming all around, although I’ve been sneezing a lot too. 😉

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