Photograph 004 by Lauren Mancke found on

Last night when I walked up the stairs I thought about how I’ve gotten used to walking up and down stairs all the time in our house. I remember the first few weeks after we moved in and it felt odd walking everywhere within our home when I’d been used to taking a few steps […]

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I’m half tempted to do another 365 project. Or maybe a 52 week project? A photo a week? That might be doable. It’s been a few years since I did a photography project and each time I pick up my camera these days I wince after seeing the photos. Taking decent photos really does take a lot […]

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cone flowers

Cone Flowers

More flowers keep popping up around the house. The west side has Bee Balm and the right side has cone flowers. These photos were from a couple weeks ago. Now, there are twice as many.

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